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"It’s a fact, there are times in life where you need a helping hand, where you need an outsider’s clarity and perspective to help guide you in a new direction, help you take stock of your talents and give you the tools and perspective so you can figure out your new way forward. 

I really didn’t know what a life coach did but making the decision to call Jill Latta was one of the smartest moves I made. After nearly 30 years in a dynamic career, I had lost my passion for it and other things. It was as if I was in quicksand. I needed a lifeline to guide me and teach me techniques to figure out what my next chapter would be.  Jill was that lifeline.  She is insightful and non-judgmental.  Jill helps you clarify things. She is honest. She is thoughtful. She shares her wisdom and brings clarity to each situation.  She does her homework and expects nothing less from you.  She provides you with the tools to change your direction. She doesn’t do it for you…but she supports you and gives you the space you need to figure things outs, in your time. And when you do, it makes it that much more rewarding.    

We don’t always know what we’re looking for when we seek professional assistance. If you’re lucky enough to have Jill on your team you will succeed. She challenges you but also provides you with a framework that guides your thinking and gives you the perspective to move forward.  Give her a call, you won’t find a better Life Coach than Jill Latta.  Plus, she’s a joy to talk too!"

Joan McCord, TV Producer / Writer / Blogger

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Alfeda Fitzpatrick - Educator, 35 Years

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jill Latta.  I have known Jill for 15 years and within that time she has always displayed a high degree of professionalism.  Jill has a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition.  She is definitely a leader and a team player.  When situations arise, Jill uses good judgment to problem solve and she always has a mature outlook to ensure that she responds with logic and reason.  Jill would be an asset to any organization, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.

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A. M. S.- S. , Retired Educator

Jill Latta has assisted me with multiple tasks during a sorrowful time of two deaths that were very tough times in my life.  Every suggestion she made was clearly the right solution to the many obstacles I was facing.  Her insightful timing and professionalism was fantastic! She has great wisdom with multiple layers of advice of how not to get overwhelmed with so many tasks at hand.  I would highly recommend Jill Latta as your Life Coach; I know she will guide you to receive a security of peacefulness in your life’s journey. She truly is a woman of great skills and integrity.

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Sharon K. - Insurance Office Manager

Jill is an all-around amazing person.  She is a very kind, caring, and loving person.  She works hard and isn't afraid to put herself in new situations and she excels in everything she puts her mind to.  She is very dedicated, inspirational, and intelligent.  She has been through many trials and tribulations in life and has come out of them stronger and wiser.  Every conversation I have with Jill leaves me feeling better about where I have been in life and where I am going.  She is always positive, and I am honored to recommend her to anyone who may be searching for their path in life.  You will not find a better person than Jill to help you plan and reach your goals in life.

"Jill listens with her whole being, empathizes, clarifies, encourages!"

"Jill Latta has experienced the ups and downs of life, embraced the challenges she has encountered, learned from them, been strengthened by them and, through them, gained wisdom well beyond her years!  She is an expert educator of children across the spectrum of needs and abilities.  She listens with her whole being, empathizes, clarifies, encourages!  Being a life coach is her true calling!"A. K. S., Educator

 "I had the pleasure of working with Jill this past year. I knew from prior personal experience that Jill was truly a good, caring person and I was just as delighted to find out what great business sense she had.  Jill was professional and wonderful to work with.  She responded to my messages quickly and made sure I had all the information I needed on a timely basis.  Jill is very organized and has exceptional communication skills.  I can honestly say that I would not have been able to complete my job on time if it had not been for Jill."

- K. J., Educator

"My experience with life coaching has been truly transformative. I came into life coaching at a difficult time, not only for myself, but in the world. Through Jill's coaching I was able to start taking smaller steps and focusing on what I could control, rather than feeling powerless. I have really prioritized my career goals, as well as my personal goals through the course of my coaching sessions. Having Jill as a coach allowed me to feel as though I had someone so supportive in my corner, while still keeping me organized and on track. I would gladly recommend life coaching to my friends and colleagues." - K. B., 2020 College Graduate

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