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Jill is an architect of and for life. She has a unique way of listening, perceiving, and producing quality perspectives that make one think, move, know, and grow. She has been in practice of self-development for 15 years which has affected her personal and professional life to be able to bring you Continuum Life Coaching, LLC. She is an objective creator and has an uncanny way to get to the heart of the matter, seamlessly, all while painting a picture of opportunity that includes an objective view that is universal and inclusive of each subject. She has a natural and deep perceptive way of listening that makes one comfortable, at ease, and open to move to grow. Her natural ability to bring out the best in each one is truly a gift to experience.


Jill says, “The Journey to Self is the Greatest Expedition and Expression of One’s Life”. “Simply Add, Do Your Work, & Create! You are Worth the Time and Energy” and that is exactly what she does!



& Grow

Fully-certified in Life and Time Management Coaching since 2016 with 12 years of experience as an educator and 3 years as Youth Leadership Development Program coordinator working with corporate leaders to engage the youth in creative entrepreneurial innovation. I’ve been successfully coaching individuals throughout the Jacksonville, FL and Michigan areas by facilitating their self-growth through objective and subjective identification and implementation. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life, family, work demands or circumstances, my services aim to introduce clarity through objective and creative identification, self-reflection, and action. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life with fluidity in the face of adversity.


"Anyone working with Jill Latta will soon witness the graceful and sincere care involved with her advising.  I would entrust Jill for guidance on significant life plans and dreams. She has a balanced approach and a strong ability to distill complex subjects into clear, doable tasks. She will assist progression toward important life goals with the care and consideration of a top guide and leader."

—  James P. Lampertius, Esq

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