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I bring to you, The Art of Transformation where the in between, From and To, is carefully, consciously, and consistently coordinated to bring about anew. A new view from depth to light and then from light to depth the nature of life coordinated with the nature of ourselves.

jill latta coach.jpg

A Life Artist

This is a great place to add a tagline.

Jill is a Life Artist who coaches, constructs, and coordinates, the colors of our lives to produce a vision and view that reflects the internal hue.  As a result she produces the coordinated effect upon the white canvas to overcome the ultimate fear, the fear of the unknown through, "The Art of Transformation", which consistently and confidently connects us to the "Continuum" of life.

The Art of Transformation....Going from the unknown to known and from the known into the unknown one motion movement at a time.

Let the journey continue.....

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