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You, at your stage and age of life. The only requirement is that you are a human who has a need and is willing to listen, work, and grow at your stage and age of life.

Who is Continuum Life Coaching for?

Not necessarily. You may want to practice, prevent, and produce something for yourself.

Do I need a problem in order to try coaching?

No, coaching is not therapy, counseling, or consulting nor is it legal, health, or monetary advice. Coaching knows that you have the answer to your question(s) and that it is more powerful for you to come to the conclusion, then to be told.

Is coaching counseling or therapy?

Well, when we are working in our personal, professional, and creative lives it can be difficult to see the coordination of the “in” & “on” of our life. With an in/on practice the scope of view becomes clearer, the world becomes manageable, and the qualities that are needed will continue with practice regardless of opinion. Sifting through life’s quantities can leave you empty handed or full of more quantity. Working with Continuum Life Coaching works to bring out universal and independent qualities to assist your movement, growth, and success.

Why Continuum Life Coaching?

You don’t, unless you are willing to work to explore and discover a varied perspective. We look forward to meeting, working, and growing with you, for you, and beside you!

How do I know if coaching will work?
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