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The Coaching Principle

All things are relative in their basic form. Each person is working at their stage and age of development. Subjectively different, but objectively the same in relationship to their fellow being. Each stage brings about knowns and unknowns that need to be explored, discovered, and revisited. The quest for “new” is counterproductive to growth. There is nothing “new” under the sun, just things you don’t know, yet! When encountering “new” or the “same” how do you respond? Are you dismissive with the “same” as if nothing should be shown or expressed to you that you are already “familiar” with? Do you only value “new” to keep you stepping? Working to identify objectivity in relation to your subjectivity creates a space for you to move, to know, and grow. What will you do?

Continuum Life 

Coaching Is:

1.  An inclusive space dedicated to movement and growth.

2.  A diverse place to explore and practice objective perspective.

3.  A subjective journey to create and generate through life.


Coaching, Planning, and Managing For:

  • Family Unit (Together with Parent and Teen)

  • Independent Adults

  • Professionals, Entities, Entrepreneurs

  • Creatives, Artists, Developers, Entertainers

  • Coaches, Athletes, Trainers


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The Practice

Coordinates principles, objects, and character to move, know, and grow.


Life coaching services are expertly customized based on the individual or group and the desired outcomes.


Individualized, structured planning is designed based on in-depth consultations. A plan and course of action are outlined with a key component of accountability to help clients stay on track toward success.


Strategic management is often a missing piece in the organized structure and consistent improvement of one's life or business.

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"My experience with life coaching has been truly transformative. I came into life coaching at a difficult time, not only for myself, but in the world. Through Jill's coaching I was able to start taking smaller steps and focusing on what I could control, rather than feeling powerless. I have really prioritized my career goals, as well as my personal goals through the course of my coaching sessions. Having Jill as a coach allowed me to feel as though I had someone so supportive in my corner, while still keeping me organized and on track. I would gladly recommend life coaching to my friends and colleagues."

—  K. B., 2020 College Graduate

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