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Coaching Life’s Styles Through Life’s Stages 

For: The Adolescent & The Mature

"We don’t always know what we’re looking for when we seek professional assistance. If you’re lucky enough to have Jill on your team you will succeed. She challenges you but also provides you with a framework that guides your thinking and gives you the perspective to move forward." -  Joan McCord, TV Producer / Writer / Blogger

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Complimentary Consultation

Schedule a Free 30-min. Call with Me to Explore How We Can Work Together.

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Wheel of Life

Download this Insightful Tool to Help You Visualize Which Areas of Your Life are Thriving & Which Ones Need Some Attention.

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One on One Coaching

One on One Intensive Coaching Customized to the Needs of Each Individual.

Jill Latta

Certified Life, Time Management

 & Education Coach

Jill Latta - Life Coach

The Mission


To do no harm. To add value. To assist the development of independent character in order to grow peace and happiness and to promote honor, integrity, respect, and tolerance in the culture.

Heart & Hands

The Vision


To assist & work with motivated & conscientious individuals, organizations, and creatives who value the practice of proficient, accountable, and objective perspectives that are needed to further explore, discover, and develop individual and independent, growth, peace, and happiness to create & generate at each stage and age of life.

“I watch my thoughts become my words...I watch my words become my actions...I watch my actions become my character...I watch my character become my Destiny.”

~ Anonymous

Let Your Life Be Your Work!


Enter the created space, place, and journey of Continuum Life Coaching to assist your life’s work by stepping foot into the vehicle of coaching to shine light on your continued path of life.



Jacksonville, FL, USA

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